EffOne has a professional and a well established Java team who can develop the most agile and most elegant Java web Development solutions for its global clients almost in all industry verticals. These Java developers are quite experienced & highly skilled in the development of exclusive Java web applications using AJAX, XHTML, JavaScript, JSP, JSF, JSTL ,DOM, XML, CSS, Trinidad/ADF Faces, ICE Faces, Struts, spring, Hibernate and EJB3.

Java Application Services:

Web Services

We at EffOne develop active web-applications using various application servers and web-containers. We implement J2EE for our client's custom application development requirements and also provide platform independence which helps in developing cross-platform portable solutions.

Enterprise Software Services

Our Java team develop simple to complex enterprise-scale software solutions and e-business applications based on the J2EE platform. Our Java developers and programmers design multi-tier software solutions that support a service-oriented architecture. We offer consulting/programming skills in different development platforms, including Java, PHP, Scala and .Net, which give us the flexibility to select the right technologies for diverse software components.

Java Desktop Services

EffOne java team use up-to-date Java tools to develop multi-platform desktop applications and enrich client solutions. EffOne develop user interfaces that have advanced graphics and maintain brand-identity of the software products.

EffOne Technical Expertise Includes:

J2EE & J2EE Design Patterns

Our Java team at EffOne uses web Services very successfully to provide elegant integration interfaces in many assignments for our clients globally. The Web Service middle tier technology has enabled us to make various technically distinct software to communicate with each other.

JDBC, SQL server (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgeSQL)

EffOne has worked with different Data Base Management Systems starting from MySQL and PostgeSQL, to Oracle and MS SQL. It is formidable to imagine a complicated application without an enterprise database and EffOne excels in these areas of expertise.


EffOne uses J2ME platform to provide a convenient and flexible environment for applications running on hand held devices such as mobile phones or PDAs. Our Java Developers at EffOne also build basic MIDP applications (MIDlets) and incorporate enhanced multi-media into MIDP-based applications.

JSP & Struts

EffOne java team has rich experience in JSP and Struts and implement these for development of web based and eCommerce applications. EffOne also implements AJAX with the same to bring richness in the front end.

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)

EffOne Java developers implement Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) to develop n-tier database and legacy connectivity solutions for Web applications, Java APIs and Java Database connectivity solutions.

Rich Internet Applications

The line of business web application development is one of the EffOne Java Team's core competences. We have successfully delivered Java-based solutions for businesses of various sizes, including Fortune 500 companies.

Enterprise Web Applications

Another EffOne's competency is internet-focused rich application development including web content management, digital management and media distribution. We have a thorough experience in building highly loaded distributed systems in the following domains:

  • E-commerce

  • Web 2.0 and Social networking solutions

  • Ads rotating networks

  • Online media streaming solutions

  • Online storage management systems and digital repositories

  • Corporate Internet portals, often integrated with internal content storages and systems

Application Architecture We Believe In

Persistence Layer

EffOne team has in-depth knowledge and experience in programming persistence layer and designing databases for web applications including apps that may require very content processing and intensive data.

The EffOne team is quite adept in utilizing both these Java native capabilities (JPA, JPQL, JDBC, JCA, custom ORM programming) and open-source persistence frameworks (Hibernate, iBATIS, EclipseLink and others).

EffOne develops transparent well-organized storages and reusable data processing modules which help in building smart applications.

Productive and stable performance achieved through smart database architecture, SQL transactions optimization and seamless connection to application logic and workflows.

Transparent object-relational mapping which reduces programming and development efforts, cutting application maintenance costs enabling uncomplicated and effortless modifications in the future.

Increased interoperability achieved through service-oriented architectural approach and great experience in custom APIs and data connectors development basing on strong skills in SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, XML / XML Schema and HTTP specifications.

Business Logic Layer

Our belief is that functionality development is considerable compared to software architecting and coding. Keeping business-driven development logic in mind we at EffOne apply the best Java practices and methodology for interpreting, prototyping and developing application business layer.

We use BOM, UML and BPMN to formalize business process and help manage requirements and issue project-related documentation.

We apply most effective architectural approaches such as layered application stack with decoupled business logic layer. We are quite traditional with Service-Oriented Architecture in line with SOA integration principles and JBI specifications.

We always use proven Java design patterns to develop lean, well-documented code and ensure smooth knowledge transfer.

We constantly strive for application quality in building web applications at each level eliminating every single hindrance:

  • Performance and Scalability: When designing business process execution functionality we keep in mind about application performance, closely related vertical and horizontal scalability. We make use of Java out-of-the-box multi-threading and extensibility capabilities and use state of the art technologies such as GlassFish, Tomcat ,Weblogic, JBoss and new technologies like Terracotta, Jgroups and Ehcache which offers advanced caching and replication patterns

  • Maintainability and Manageability: To reduce software TCO in long-term perspective, EffOne provides customers with the highly maintainable modular solutions. We work in alignment with Java development standards like Sun Java Naming Conventions, IBM Java Beans Coding Guidelines, Java EE Design Blueprints providing design and architectural Patterns decoupling complex objects with well established APIs, comprehensible documentation, clean commented code with consistent indentation style

  • Configurability: It is evident that numerous tasks in regards to the application functioning and adaptation to different environments (both in technology and business perspectives) help you save costs when performed through changing configuration by not just modifying the source code. Hence, EffOne avoids hard coding in addition provides flexible configuration options, tools and interfaces

Presentation Layer

The EffOne UI design & Usability practice serves a platform for executing projects requiring complex yet easy to use web interfaces to support complex business practices and workflows.

Our skills and extensive experience in JSP, FreeMarker related frameworks, open-source components allow us to resolve challenging tasks of dynamic data visualization (interactive dashboards, charts, grids, content blocks etc.), context-driven controls and establish fine, conducive and cross-browser compatible layouts.

Our solid AJAX expertise (as well as experience in Flash and HTML5) supports extend web interface interactivity and make it agile, consistent and likeable which is especially important for SaaS solutions and other Rich Internet Applications.