Financial Services

Over the last two decades, EffOne has worked on a long list of financial applications catering to the various sub-segments of the Capital Markets business.

With years of experience in this segment, our team often times sees the need and helps drive some of our customer decisions in product features! The financial industry applications that we have developed range from consumer facing rich user interfaces to sophisticated transaction intensive backend solutions that integrate seamlessly with various middleware platforms and trading systems.

Here is a small sampling of the applications that depict the variety of work we have done:

  • Financial Accounting Standards Solution
  • Contract Accounting Treatment System (CATS)
  • Order Management
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Analytics
  • Routing Engines
  • Trading Platforms
  • Options Platform
  • Risk Management
  • Treasury Management
  • FIX Engine / FIX Server
  • FIX Tools
  • Order Matching
  • End of Day Processing
  • Micropayment Solutions

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