EffOne, Bangalore, India, announces the success of Koila Billing Solution

Bangalore, India - February 5, 2010

EffOne, Bangalore, India, an offshore software development and IT consulting services company, today announced that the Koila Billing solution has achieved a critical milestone.

Over 1 million customer bills are generated monthly with the Koila billing solution developed by EffOne. At the heart of Koila's billing solution is the Revenue Management/Assurance Model. This model helps to identify and eliminate the discrepancies regarding new connections, in addition to providing customer care, metering, billing, collections, disconnections, asset management, offline billing, spot billing, reliability indices, energy audit and MIS reports.

Developed utilizing platform independent, robust, state of the art technologies, Koila Billing could be readily deployed in multi-user, multi-platform, federated environment. Koila's web based billing software solution has aided several utility companies in smart generation and management of the billing processes.

For more details visit www.koila.com.

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